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Established by the young and rage-filled Overlord Var'gok the Wrathbringer<The Kor'kron Legion> was to be a division of the Kor'kron Guard first designed with the intention to fight for the Horde against the Alliance. He envisioned an honorable, elite fighting force who could strike at the Alliance and other Horde foes while also defending Horde settlements across Kalimdor.

However, Var'gok's life was tragically cut short when he died at the hands of Thane Grungnir Orcbane of <The Mountain Guard> in a duel between the two leaders. Thus, his friend and right hand, the mighty Overlord Garkar Axebite, the Coming Evil, took the reins as leader over the Kor'kron Legion. But even Axebite was destined to fall, he too dying in battle against the enemies of the Horde.

Then, the Kor'kron Legion was lead by Var'gok's former mentor, and Axebite's most trusted adviser: High Warlord Ruvok Blackwolf of the Blackrock Clan. A veteran of the Horde's previous three wars, he emerged from his self-imposed life as a hermit, fulfilling Var'gok's dying wish to rejoin the Horde. His pride and desire to fight restored, this Champion of the Horde dedicated the remainder of his life to continue the mission of Var'gok's dream until the fateful day came when he passed away in his sleep. Perhaps his spirit found solace in finally being reunited with his family in some afterlife. 

During the events of the Pandaria Campaign, the majority of the Legion fought for the banner of the Warchief, under the command of the battle hardened Skullcrusha. It's numbers swelled as the fighting progressed, the mighty Legion securing victory after victory. Eventually, the war escalated, culminating in the climactic Siege of Orgrimmar. The Legion was defeated, its loyalist members imprisoned, and the High Warlord captured. A large portion were executed, the remaining few once more taking up arms. The Legion would live another day.

Now, leadership of the Kor’kron Legion is headed by the wise blademaster, Gargaron Khral. Along his side is the wise council of trusted Warmasters and Champions, as well as the soldiers of the Kor'kron Legion that forge ahead into the unknown future to carry out the continued mission laid down by Var'gok. For honor. For duty. For the Horde. Respect. Honor. Courage. Strength. Loyalty.

These are the core tenents of the Kor'kron Legion. This military brings the Horde together as brothers and sisters to crush the Alliance and secure a better place in the world for the Hordes peoples. Bond by blood, the Kor'kron Legion will show no mercy to their foes while honoring their friends and allies. When not battling for the glory of the Warchief the Kor'kron Legion does its best to promote the traditions and customs of the Horde.

Lok'tar ogar - By these words we live! For the Warchief! For the Horde!

The Kor'kron Legion
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